NBC, in an attempt to strong arm Apple, announced that they would not be renewing their contract with iTunes and Apple when it expires in December of this year proving once again that big media dinosaurs just don’t get it. Apple knows and plays the game better than anyone. They have built online music and media into the market that it is today and it works because of the way they are doing it. Now, the big media dinosaurs are trying to get in on the game and the greedy machine of big media is trying to push Apple into a business model that will fail miserably and rake Apple’s customers over the coals. Apple, indisputably better at the game than anyone else, has decided to take the high road on this one and walk away.

While I will miss my iTunes episodes of the Office and Heroes, I must say that I would rather sit on the sidelines with Apple on this one. It is just another example of a dinosaur media company fighting for their archaic system instead of embracing the future of media and entertainment.

Shame on you NBC

Thank you Apple



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