Bloomberg is reporting that Steve Jobs Apple’s CEO has resigned and is recommending Cook as his replacement.

This is a screencast of our Commit CRM iPhone webapp which is in its early beta version. This webapp connects in real-time to a Commit CRM 5.2 system via ODBC and retrieves data in real time displaying the selected info in the webapp. It allows you to select all the necessary information to quickly enter charges from anywhere you have Internet access from your iPhone.

Once submitted the charge is added to the associated account. This webapp works very fast on WiFi or 3G. Currently the webapp allows for adding charges, but we look to add features and integrate additional 3rd party apps with Commit CRM.

Some screen shots after the break.

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Dell’s PowerVault TL2000 Tape Library offers simple and affordable tape automation for organizations whose data-protection needs have outgrown autoloader technology. It is the solution of choice for small and medium business that require affordable, easy-to-use, automated tape backup.

If you want to monitor whether the tape drive in your TL2000 Tape Library needs to be cleaned using GFI Max, then create a new Predefined SNMP check from the GFI Max Dashboard with the following settings.

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Looking for a way to monitor Apple Servers utilizing GFI Max (formerly Hound Dog) we set out to document the process.

Open Server Admin and enable “Network Management Server (SNMP)” under Settings / General.
Configure SNMP Configuration.

To customize the data provided by snmpd, you may add an snmpd.conf file using /usr/bin/snmpconf. As root or using sudo, execute this command:

/usr/bin/snmpconf -i

You will then see a series of text menus. Make these choices in this order:

    1. Select File: 3 (snmpd.conf)
    2. Select section: 5 (System Information Setup)
    3. Select section: 1 (The [typically physical] location of the system.)
    4. The location of the system: type text string here — such as “server_room”
    5. Select section: f (finish)
    6. Select section: f (finish)
    7. Select File: q (quit)

Notice you have created an snmpd.conf file with creation date of today: ls -l /usr/share/snmpd.conf

Next, the default SNMP configuration in Snow Leopard limits unauthenticated access to the system contact info.

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As a company grows sometimes it hard to get people to ask the necessary questions and gather information required when a new lead calls in.  To help solve this we created a web based form that has the required as well as helpful additional information to gather when someone calls into our offices for the first time.

Once submitted the information is automatically entered into our Commit CRM system, with information entered into the proper fields with the new Lead Record.  In addition an email is sent to the proper people so they no that a new Lead was setup within Commit CRM.

A picture of the new web form is after the break.

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So we was looking for a way to have a nice web based form for clients that would have specific questions that they would answer, like for a new hire, and once the form was completed it would create a ticket within Commit CRM assigned to the correct customer and reference (contract).

So we found this cool software called MachForms (Click here for feature list) that does a great job at creating web based forms that you can email on submission.  MachForms does a great job of emailing a pretty HTML formatted email but wouldn’t send a properly formatted XML document as was needed by Commit CRM.  With a little bit of tweaking to MachForms though we were able to get MachForms sending properly formatted XML and but doing some String Replacements we were able to get the Forms to create tickets in Commit assigned to the correct client and the correct reference (contract).

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How To Fix WordPress Error “Unable to create directory” and/or “Is its parent directory writable by the server?”.

So I moved a WordPress blog from a Windows IIS install over to an Apple OS X 10.6 Apache install and ran into a couple of errors when trying to upload images via the WordPress media manager.  First error was the “Unable to create directory” message and it basically came down to the setting under Miscellaneous config screen had migrated the Windows IIS C:\… path setting.  So by changing that to “wp-content/uploads” resolved the first error message.

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HandbrakeHandBrake has a new, much improved compilation system, which allows easy 64-bit and parallel builds, as well as providing easy extendability for future improvements to the application. 64-bit builds tend to perform approximately 10% better than their 32-bit brethren. There is no Snow Leopard magic here: the performance gains can also be realized on Intel Macs running 10.5, as well as Linux systems.

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So why is it always such a pain in the @!# to keep track of Employee Attendance? Something that seems like it should be so easy becomes a royal pain and a huge time waster. I feel its also an area ripe for abuse, as some employees seem to figure out the game of how to take time off without it getting recorded for one reason or another. Whether its the way they submit the request for time off or who they submit the request to, that it just does not get deducted from the bank of accrued time off.

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Chances are you have a lot of important stuff on your computer like financial documents, email, digital photos, music and more. Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hard drive crashes, virus attacks, theft and natural disasters, which can erase everything in an instant.

Current statistics show that one in every ten hard drives fail each year. The cost of recovering a failed hard drive can exceed $7,500, and success is never guaranteed.

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